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Mr. Um

Mr. Um is the Principal of the King's College. He has worked as a Director of a fortune 500 company before God called him to work as an educator of christian schools around the world. He is passionate about teaching young people the Bible and Math subjects. Furthermore, he believes that one should never cease from learning, so last year he learned to develop websites and he is currently self learning about online education tools.

Ms. Teshi

Ms. Teshi is a 2nd year student at Queen’s University where she studies life sciences and pharmacology. Outside of school she loves to spend her time trying out new recipes, going to the gym and getting involved in her community. She understands how important it is for every child to get the help that they deserve in school and loves getting the chance to be a part of an organization that does just that.

Ms. Um

Ms. Um is an undergraduate student living in Markham, Ontario. She enjoys getting to know others and likes to be helpful to her close ones. Some of her hobbies include making artistic crafts, playing the piano, reading and watching dramas. She respects and appreciates the varying learning paces unique to each student as well as their personal learning styles. She is excited to tutor during the KC Online Tutoring summer session!

Ms. Stephanie

Ms. Stephanie lives in Toronto, Ontario where she practices law. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking and, of course, helping children reach their academic goals! She believes in the greatness of each child and wants to help each child recognize and achieve their greatest potential.


Ms. Bree

Ms. Bree lives in Toronto, Ontario as a Claims Advisor. She enjoys dancing, cooking and helping everyone to become the best version of themselves.


Ms. Samantha

Ms. Samantha is a first year student at the University of Toronto who is studying a double major in Economics and Human Resources. In her free time, she likes to enjoy her hobbies of long-distance running, biking, painting, and thrifting. She is so excited to assist children excel and reach their full potential in mathematics and language.


Ashley Henery

Ms. Ashley is currently a student at Trent University majoring in Biology. She has a passion for helping others and enjoys spending her free time adventuring, researching, and dancing. Her passion extends towards children as she hopes to become a paediatric surgeon following her studies and enjoys volunteering her time tutoring students!


Ms. Lusa

Ms. Lusa lives in Ottawa, Ontario where she is in her final year of an undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa. Outside of school, she loves biking, spending time with friends, and volunteering where available! She's passionate about supporting younger generations and watching them learn while growing into their academic potential.


Mr. Kelly

Mr. Christien lives in Toronto, Ontario where he works as a data scientist for a company called SHARE Mobility. He enjoys swimming, cooking, eating, and teaching math to students! He believes that anyone can learn math. The only thing needed is the right teacher.


Ms. Vicky

Ms. Vicky is a musical artist, songwriter, and arts educator from Toronto. She enjoys singing, seeing her plants grow, quiet mornings on the balcony, and working with children and youth. As a tutor, she is excited to share her love of language and the joy of learning to inspire and build up the next generation.


Ms. Elina

Ms. Elina is a third year student at Western University studying Physiology and Pharmacology. She is passionate about science and health, and thinks that love for all and a passion for learning are the two things most important to living a fulfilling life. She spends her free time surrounded by friends and family, and has a 7 year old sister who she also tutors! She is super excited help foster a love for learning in as many young minds as possible.


Ms. Jodee

Ms. Jodee loves her pet cat named Tima, journaling, and Jesus! She also enjoys volunteering at church and talking to students about language. This is her first time volunteering with King’s College Preparatory School. She is excited about what this new semester will bring. One of her favourite Bible verses is Hebrews 12:11.