When are the Online Tutoring Sessions being provided?

Sessions run seasonally – Fall (September to December), Winter (January to March), Spring (April – June), and Summer (July – August). Students are required to re-register for each semester. Session days are Monday to Friday during the hours of 4:20 PM – 8:00PM during Fall, Winter and Spring, and from 11:20 PM – 4:00 PM in the Summer. Each session runs for a 40-minutes duration.

How do I sign up my child for KC Online Tutoring?

You can register your child by completing an online application form.

How much does KC Online Tutoring cost?

This is a FREE program, however a one-time registration fee is required per child.

Why the $100 registration fee for a FREE program?

To cover administration costs and remunerate a token to our volunteer teachers for their time at the end of the program. The courses themselves are free, no pay for time, and regardless of how many courses you register whether English Language or Math or both, the registration fee remains $100 per child.

What grade levels are supported by the Tutoring program?

The program serves students in grades 1-8.

Which subjects are covered by KC online Tutoring?

Currently we offer tutoring for math and language.

What does “Language” consist of?

Our language tutoring covers basic reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary in English.

What typically happens in each session?

Tutors provide the lesson material. A typical session consists of a review of the previous lesson before starting the new lesson. The student then applies the lesson by completing various learning activities and puzzles, with the assistance of the tutor. Tutors communicate with parents by providing an email progress report at the end of each week.

How will KC Online Tutoring benefit my child?

It is a Free program tailored to children who may have fallen behind especially in our current climate of covid crisis experienced by all. An added benefit is that your child does not have to leave the comfort of the home to attend, thereby eliminating chances of exposure with others

Is KC Online Tutoring only for students who attend King's College Preparatory School Canada?

King’s College Online Tutoring is open to all students from grades 1-8 who can benefit from the curriculum. Because the tutoring takes place online, the tutors can connect with students remotely and open to all children across the world. You can register your child for online tutoring by completing the online application form.

What technology will my child need to participate in KC Online Tutoring?

To participate, students will need a computer (laptop, desktop, or tablet), and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is free and easy to access. You can download it here. 

Tutors will demonstrate how to use Microsoft Teams during the intake session. 

How many students are in the tutoring sessions?

The numbers will depend on the session dates, times and the number of students that register to be part of the program. 

How is King’s College online Tutoring affiliated with King’s College Preparatory School?

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If you have further questions, please feel free to send us an email: info@kingscollegetutoring.org